Lying in the center of Mekong Delta, 110 kilometers far from Ho Chi Minh city to the South and 70 kilometers far from Can Tho province, Ba Duc Ecotourism and Ancient House is known as an interesting and appealing destination for a...
The house was first built in the nineteenth century by Mr. Phan Van Dang. At that time the house wall was made of wooden boards that bound together and the front consisted of wooden bars that exactly conformed to the Southern Vietnamese traditional houses.
In 1938, Mr. Phan Van Cuong had the house reconstructed on the solid cement-made foundation, surrounded by a 3-hectare precinct full of ornamental plants and fruit trees, making the place the most beautiful one for the owner and guests to take pleasure.
The house is a harmonious combination of two architectural styles: Vietnamese and French, whose shape is unique to the colonial period. It is built in high foundation, thus protecting itself from floods during the rainy season. It is said that its contemporary houses were not generally built on that high position; this, therefore, has made the house unique and fine.
 The house is divided into two distinct parts, the front and the back. Between the two lays a space called the sky-yard in order to let in sunlight which brings brightness and warmness to the house.